Franz Josef Land, Russian Arctic, in July 2011. Photo by Vladimir Sevostianov.

Social Media is awesome! It provides an unique opportunity to keep in touch with unique people.

In in the end of July 2011, Vladimir Sevostianov, a fb friend of mine, visited
Franz Josef Land and brought amazing photographs of the Russian Arctic in summer.

Take a look at his photographs and learn that the Arctic is not just ice, snow, fog, dark stones and cliffs, and polar bears, but it is also full of real life. Animals, colourful flowers and even mushrooms.

Vladimir Sevostianov is President of Commander Islands and BC Nature Protection and Conservation Association in Russia. A big fan of writing. Check out his page


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What a great video! This is the preview of the BBC documentary “Arctic with Bruce Parry.” It’s coming up soon on BBC 1. Don’t miss this unique chance and spectacular insight into the life of Uummannaq, Greenland. Check the schedule on BBC.

Follow also the amazing project Uummannaq Music run by Galya Morrell and Joel Spiegelman in Uummannaq. All project’s news updates might be found on its Facebook page as well.

This post is dedicated to my friends in Uummannaq. Greetings from the Siberian city of Yakutsk! :)

It was said to hear from Ole Jorgen about the absence of sea ice and snow in your area this winter. Hope it would be possible to backward nature processes :(

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Swans and winter in Hamburg, Germany

Nov. 23, 2009, Germany | Traditionally in the end of Novermber on Hamburg’s canals and rivers swans were gathered to be delivered to their winter shelters at Alster Lake. Waters in the lake are heated, and swans are cared and fed till the spring. (more…)

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