Two Arctic/North Pole scientific expeditions. Take your time and enjoy the Arctic! This beauty is fragile. Climate changes and global warming, you know, do gain ground.

Video #1: Jean-Louis Etienne’s Generali Arctic Observer

A famous French Arctic explorer Jean-Louis Etienne’s The North Pole balloon crossing from Spitsbergen to Siberia’s Yakutia in April of 2010. Check out the Generali Arctic Observer expedition website. More info on his landing and rescue operation in Siberia’s Yakutia, north from the village of Batagai, Verkhoyansky region, at

Video #2: North Pole + Nuclear Icebreaker Yamal + Magic of Arctic Ice

From Russia’s Chukotka via the North Pole to Scandinavia by the Russian nuclear powered ice-breaker “Yamal”. You may also want to go to the North Pole. Hurry up! The Arctic is melting fast. It sounds like a joke, but, unfortunately, it is not.

If you can recommend more videos with the awesome Arctic views, please, share. Leave your links in comments.

Even herders riding on  reindeer at their winter pastures near Verkhoyansk. Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Even herders riding on reindeer at their winter pastures near Verkhoyansk. Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

I really love what the UK couple Bryan & Cherry Alexander do. They’ve got a great collection of “cold” pictures on the website It’s their stock library. Yeah, they make money on their works, but they are pro photographers. The point is that they are totally devoted to Arctic and Antarctic! That’s what I love in them.

I found their website eight years ago, when I searched pictures from Yakutia’s Arctic. They’ve got amazing photographs of the ordinary people of Verkhoyansk, the 2nd or, maybe, the 1st Pole of Cold in the northern hemisphere. In their Yakutia-related collection you can see hunters, horse herders, reindeer herders, Yakut villagers, Even nomads, etc. I think they were the first international photographers, who managed to visit Verkhoyanks in 90s.

No need to introduce Bryan & Cherry Alexander. They are pretty well-known. Their cold-related works are regular printed in the world’s leading magazines. They’ve got photos from all Arctic regions – Northern Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, Arctic Canada and Arctic Scandinavia. Their power is their ability “to document the lives of the native peoples who live in these remote places.”

If you are interested, what type of people live in the Arctic zone, just check out their collection with photographs of Inuit, Innu, Cree, Dene, Komi, Khanty, Nenets, Dolgan, Nganasan, Even, Evenk, Evenki, Yakut, Chukchi, Sami, Selkup, and Yupik. Even with watermarks they are pretty informative :)

And if you wonder how to keep your cameras safe in the extreme cold, read their tips. (more…)

The Winter Road Documentary Poster

This is the trailer of Nikolay Evstifeev’s documentary “THE WINTER ROAD. The Land of Fierce…” about the sever work in Siberia’s Yakutia. Here you can see how hard ordinary people’s work can be in the hardest part of Siberia. The documentary won The Best Directing Award at The 17th Saint Anna Film Festival and The Best Cinematography Award at The 29th VGIK Film Festival. Btw, Anton Safronov was a camera man.

The documentary is about Yakutia, the sever land of truckers, gold miners, hunters, and oil industry workers. Extreme conditions are revealed in every capture. Survival at minus 50 degrees Celsius, the road on the frozen river, people’s attitude to nature, wild life… and PEOPLE without false manners and any compromises.

“This movie is very sincere! This is a real big documentary!” said Michael Porechenkov, the chairman of the 29th VGIK Film Festival jury, a famous Russian actor. (more…)

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Yes, we did it. We were in Yakutia’s valley of Oymyakon. Our first morning in the coldest place in Siberia. It was -52C. Pretty good, indeed :) and felt really good. Watch the video and see what cold air we were breating.

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Strange. It was -52C, but we felt really cold. We couldn’t stay outside more than 15 minutes. But when we registered -57.1C in Tomtor on the day of our depature for Yakutsk, it was bearable. We were even surprised at such a low temp at that moment. (more…)

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January 5, 2010

Every country, disposing territories on the north like Finland, Sweden and Norway cannot help but offers reindeer safari among its winter tourist services. Russia is not exception. In Russia you can choose between Karelia, Murmansk Region, Yamal peninsula and so on along the north of the country down to Chukotka which is separated from North America by the Bering Strat.


There are also such tourist services in America, but we are talking about Russia. And all the small peoples of the North living on this huge space use reindeer teams as traditional mean of transport. Each region has its own national color, and it I’ve chosen Sakha Republic and Evenki people. I have selected them in hazard because all these people with their reindeer teams are equally worth to be described.

First of all, a little ethnography, because such tours are not only adventure ones, but ethnographical as well. Evenki are a Tungusic people of Northern Asia. In Russia, the Evenki are recognized as one of the Indigenous peoples of the Russian North.


They live in many Russian regions, including Sakha Republic. There is a settlement in Sakha Republic, called Iengra. It is situated not far (according to the Siberian standards) from the city of Neryungri. Most people, living there, are Evenki. The tour operators offer to begin the nomadic reindeer safari tour from this settlement. It is a unique settlement, because only here the Evenki survive their culture and language. There is also an ethnographical museum in this settlement, introducing the visitor such aspects of Evenki culture as reindeer breeding, traditional hunting and shamanistic ritual.

 A model nomadic camp is also represented in the museum. The folk music ensemble Yukte (spring brook) will fill up the canvas with their music and national costumes. On the second day time for a field trip comes. The reindeer-team driver (in the traditional culture of Evemnki reindeer-team driver is a woman) will train you reindeer-team driving.

The reindeer figures in Evenki traditional culture constantly: reindeers were gifted to guests, they were used as bride-money and every family member had her/his own reindeers. The first gift to the baby was a reindeer. The first mean of transport for a baby who can not yet walk was also a reindeer. The babies were pinioned to the pack on the reindeer’s back. By the way, Evenki ride the reindeers as well, not only team them. On the third day you will ride the reindeer too.


 During the next 3 days you will drive reindeer-team and ride them (if your weight lets, I suppose. The reindeers are not horses). By the way, the interest to the encampment and cooking from the tourists is welcome. The nights you will pass in weather resistant tents. Finally you will return to Iengra. You say goodbye to your reindeer team driver and then follows the transfer to the city of Neryungri with accommodation in the hotel and reunion with the civilization. All you need to take part in such a journey is wish, money to buy a tour and Russian visa, getting of which is easy with our Russian visa service .

Yulia Buzykina

via  Russia-InfoCentre  Source:

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin meet on the slopes. REUTERS/RIA-Novosti, Dmitry Astakhov

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin meet on the slopes. REUTERS/RIA-Novosti, Dmitry Astakhov

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin look really happy to be in snowy weather in Russia’s Sochi skiing resort of Krasnaya Polyana. Awesome! Numbers of winter admirers have grown.

By the way:

1) Companies “Bogner” and “Smith” must be gratefull to Russian leaders for such effective product placement :)
2) Russia’s President and Premier made an outstanding contribution to rebranding Sochi, that was all the time considered as the Black Sea summer resort.
3) Snowing in the picture looks very impressive.
4) Just wonder how other nation leaders look in winter.

Photo by Dmitry Astakhov, REUTERS/RIA-Novosti.

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There is an awesome Yakutian photographer, Masha Dubroskaya. Four years ago she started her journey of the life across South East Asia. She’s got beautiful travel pictures, many of them were published in popular travel magazines. She and her boyfriend Ajay have a blog, where, by the way, I found the above “snowy” video.

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Reykjavik, Iceland. December 30-31, 2009.
55 photos in the slideshow.

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Continue traveling in the world of winter.

I am in Jasper, Canada

Further find the slideshow with 88 photos of Canada’s snowy landscapes. (more…)

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