Glimpse Of Norway is a journey into the wilderness of the amazing Scandinavian country called Norway. After thousands of hours of effort making this production, its creator, Terje Sorgjerd, gives you a new perspective to the magnificent landscapes of Norway.

If you like Terje Sorgjerd’s video, you can watch more of his stuff on his Vimeo account. Find his updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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About Video #1

This is BBC One’s web exclusive Human Planet series trailer. Human Planet ( is an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping landmark series that marvels at mankind’s incredible relationship with nature in the world today.

About Video #2

A montage of clips from the “Ice Worlds” episode of Planet Earth, set to “Glosoli” by Sigur Ros.

These two videos might be enough for a human being to start admiring the Planet and come to understanding of how the Earth is amazing and… fragile…

Sometimes we forget where we live. It’s good to sit in the cafe and drink coffee and enjoy this special moment. It’s funny to read gossips about Charlie Sheen and other celebrities. It’s good to drive highways at high speed and get excited from your freedom…

But… what if we’ll start paying a little attention to our surroundings and thinking, how all this amazingness around us might be ruined just in a few moments? Maybe, some good things will come with it?

Ok. Let’s stop with speeches. Frankly, I am far away from environmental policy things. Just… it would be really pitty to loose such beauty one day. Do you want that? Me not. “Our planet is cool, let’s keep it that way.” (c)

If wonder, what we can do, read Moki Kokori’s message in the previous post.

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Ok. The previous video was a fun. This one is pretty serious. It appeared online on the CoolPlanet2009 Vimeo page one year ago. Not a new one, but its date publication is not essential. The problem remains the same. Environmental changes are taking ground and pretty rapidly.

About the documentary

The Deal film “Journey to the Polar Ice Rim” prepared by the United Nations staff member David Ohana documents UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s recent visit to the Arctic, where he witnessed rapid environmental changes caused by the global warming.

This video was shared by Moki Kokoris. Today we, Moki, Joel Spiegelman and I, had a short facebook chat, but with a strong message.

Joel: What can one do? What action can the world take to stop the melting?

Moki: We may not be able to stop it, but there are many actions we can take to slow down the process. However, that takes effort, it takes change, and it requires sacrifice. Even small actions add up, but the most influential task is to educate others to understand the science, and to show them by example that we must all take responsibility for our own actions instead of blaming others. With one drop of water at a time, the bucket is eventually full.

I: Joel & Moki, can I quote you on the blog?

Moki: I have no problem with you quoting me. This is part of what I do. I travel to schools to talk to kids about the polar regions, mainly about the Arctic, but I always leave them with ideas of small changes in their lifestyles they can make to be better stewards of our planet. If you would like more information, go to my website: Click on the small postcard in the left-hand sidebar. Convincing adults to change is much harder, but when I make the children “ambassadors of the polar bear (or the penguin),” and I tell them what their responsibilities are, they take their job very seriously, and *they* are the ones who will change their parents. It’s the kids who take the message further. Educating them is the critical component.

I: To work with kids is really a great way to reach the world!

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Director: Manoj Pillai, Thinkpot.

What’s going on here? As my Indian friend, Ashish, said, (more…)

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Hurray! We’ve got a video from Fairbanks, Alaska. It was created by Ronn Murray, a great photographer living in the US coldest state. By the way, he’s got breathtaking pictures of Aurora Borealis. Love following his photostream on Facebook and his website Ronn Murray Photography.

Ronn, thanks a lot for joining our movement Show Your Place! Well, currently we have videos from Yakutsk (Yakutia/Russia), Reykjavik (Iceland), Fairbanks and New York City (USA). Who’s next?

PS. Oh, there is a video from Finland, but its author need to upload it on YouTube. We’ll wait for it. We are not in a hurry :)

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What a great video! This is the preview of the BBC documentary “Arctic with Bruce Parry.” It’s coming up soon on BBC 1. Don’t miss this unique chance and spectacular insight into the life of Uummannaq, Greenland. Check the schedule on BBC.

Follow also the amazing project Uummannaq Music run by Galya Morrell and Joel Spiegelman in Uummannaq. All project’s news updates might be found on its Facebook page as well.

This post is dedicated to my friends in Uummannaq. Greetings from the Siberian city of Yakutsk! :)

It was said to hear from Ole Jorgen about the absence of sea ice and snow in your area this winter. Hope it would be possible to backward nature processes :(

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It is the first Norwegian full-length movie done in the Sami language in 1987 and based on an old legend. In Sami its original title is Ofelaš, in Norwegian: Veiviseren, in English: Pathfinder.

Written and directed by Nils Gaup. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1988. The film inspired Hollywood to remake it in 2007, but it was presented as an action adventure story set in North America and appeared to be far away from its original.

Recommended by a twitter fellow, @zollrei2, with a remark, “A must to see!”.

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Snowstorms in Sakhalin, Russia

Heavy snowstorms might paralyze any place in any corner of the world. Russia is not exception. Yesterday’s blizzard caused many troubles in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the Far Eastern Sakhalin island. Car accidents on roads, 2-meter snowdrifts on sidewalks, and kids allowed not to attend classes.

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A new video from Galya Morrell and Joel Spiegelman‘s Uummannaq Music project. Created and performed by Kevin Morrell.

The video information:

Uummannaq! is written and performed by Kevin Morrell is based on a true story, except for the parts that aren’t. Kevin, the NYC iliarsuk, lonely and hungry, heads to Uummannaq to meet Pipaluk, the beauty.

Glossary: Iliarsuk=”fatherless, orphan”. Koodlooktoo =”the famous Greenlandic orphan who used to live closer to the Pole than any other human being and who caught the white owl for Adm. Robert Peary”. Pipaluk=”the little small nothing”.

Needless to say, that in the country of understatements, which Greenland definitely is, “the little small nothing” means no less than “the great big something”. We also know that every great hunter and every great leader once used to be an orphan.

Galya Morrell, the co-founder of the Uummannaq Music project, says about the video: (more…)

The Uummannaq Arctic glasses designed by Cool(E)motion to raise funds for Children Center in Greenland

The Uummannaq Arctic glasses designed by Cool(E)motion to raise funds for Children Center in Greenland

This is really cool what Dutch artists, of the cool(E)motion Arctic Arts project, do for the sake of Children’s Center in Uummannaq, Greenland.

I’m following these cool(E)motion guys’ achievements. I wrote about them previously in the post Iceberg with Dutch Artist Ap Verheggen Artworks Breaks Loose.

It was them, who put a big sculpture on an iceberg and let them roaming from the Greenlandic settlement of Uummannaq across the Arctic waters and it was them, who cried out about the apparent climate change affect, when the iceberg got melted and collapsed just in a few months, faster than expected.

This time they are promoting the Uummannaq Arctic glasses they designed on the basis of traditional Inuit sunglasses. Their cool(E)motion glasses are mordern, high-tech and have all Inuit glasses ability to protect eyes from bright sunshine and snowstorms.

Do you remember Galya Morrell‘s video of the recent New York City blizzards? Sharing the video, she said, “I miss the Uummannaq glasses. They could protect my eyes here!” She didn’t really expect to experience snowstorms in NYC. Who could?! She regreted that she had left them in Greenland.

The Arctic glasses can be very demanded worldwide. Indeed, did you expect heavy snowfalls in Europe and even Las Vegas? No one. These glasses are good to protect your eyes from sudden nature disasters. It’s serious, no jokes.


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